Insights into the growth of Argentina eCommerce covering payment methods, target audiences, marketing, social media, economy and logistics.


Argentina is home to 45.2 million people with a total GDP of US$585 billion. GDP per capita is currently US$36,041 and expected to reach US$150,187 USD by 2025. Argentina is ranked 68th by the World Bank GDP per capita rankings.

Argentina E-Commerce

Digital User Insights
Argentina E-Commerce

There are currently 24.8 million eCommerce users in Argentina, with an additional 4.4 million users to be shopping online by 2025. These 29.2 million eCommerce users will represent 48% of the total population. The average user spends US$223.26 online, which will grow to US$378.11 by 2025.

Argentina E-Commerce

Product Categories

Total e-commerce revenue across all product categories is US$5.5 billion, expected to reach US$11 billion USD by 2025. Electronics and Media is currently the leading product category, accounting for US$1.5 billion market share. Fashion is second, accounting for US$1.4 billion USD.

By 2025, Electronics and Media will still lead, valued at US$3.6 billion USD. Fashion will remain in second place, reaching US$2.6 billion.

Argentina E-Commerce


In 2018, Argentina was ranked 62nd in the World Bank Logistics ranking. 92% of Argentina’s population reside in urban areas.

Preferred Online Payments

Cards (credit and debit) are still the most popular way to pay in Argentina at 44% although slightly reduced from 2017 when 49% of online shoppers paid that way. A significant number of payments for online purchases are made via mobile (68%). Alternate payment methods include: prepaid cards, ewallets, credit cards and bank transfers.

Argentina E-Commerce


Argentina imports mostly from Brazil($15 billion), China ($10.8 billion), United States ($8.21 billion), Germany ($3.47 billion), and Paraguay ($1.73 billion).

Internet and Device Usage

Internet penetration in Argentina is currently at 77%, and should reach 85% by 2025. Smartphone penetration is 72% and is projected to grow to 75% by 2025.

Argentinian online shoppers mainly purchase via desktop (66%). However, 21% made their most recent online purchase via smartphone.
Argentina E-Commerce


Marketing spend in Argentina is spread across a range of platforms, with TV and newspaper leading the charge. TV advertising spend is US$352 million and newspaper advertising spend is US$80 million. Digital advertising has the second highest marketing spend accounting for US$258 million.

Argentina E-Commerce

Social Media

Argentina’s social media penetration is 71% of the total population, this is expected to reach 74.5% by 2025. YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter and Instagram are the leading social networks.
Argentina E-Commerce


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*Insights derived from eShopWorld data, Statista, WorldBank, OECD and other industry sources.