New figures show that the online shopping culture in Asia is continuing to grow.


A recent survey across 2,000 consumers, in 10 major Asian cities, was conducted by Nikkei. The results from last year, indicate that the percentage of those that shop weekly is up 5.7 points.

Online shopping was most frequent in China (68.6%) and Seoul (66.7%) where consumers purchased goods online at least once a week. Many consumers admit to purchasing daily necessities online from retailers offering same-day free delivery.

The survey also addressed the amount of time spent online by this age group. Users in the Philippines and Thailand spend an average of over 8 hours a day online, with averages of 5.6 hours in China and 4.2 hours in Japan.

eShopWorld Insight:


An audience that purchases everything online, from clothes to toilet paper, is an ideal target for cross border retailers. With so much time spent online, and such frequent online shopping, retailers should consider expansion into these markets. These consumers are accustomed to excellent delivery (free and same-day), so it is essential that your cross border eCommerce solution offers a best-in-class logistics service, to satisfy demand for speedy delivery.