One in five APAC online shoppers has fallen victim to online fraud, claims a new report.

Information services company Experian’s Digital Consumer Insights for 2018 contained a number of key insights, including the risk of eCommerce fraud in the Asia-Pacific region.

The survey of 10 APAC markets – Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam – investigated fraud in the region.

CEO of Experian Asia Pacific, Ben Elliott, said:

“Asia Pacific is one of the most dynamic digital and mobile economies in the world.

“71% are buying online, and 63% who have adopted mobile payments consider them convenient. But as more people adopt faster and more effortless ways to shop, bank and engage with businesses, fraud exposure will increase. This is a concern with 18% of consumers in the region already experiencing fraud”.

Read the full report here.