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Your customers likely have this problem every day: seeing something they like and not being able to buy it. But what if that could be solved with AI?

Today ASOS has revealed their UK shoppers are now able to search for an item using an uploaded image from their own camera roll, Instagram or even in a magazine.

Visual search has been on retailers’ lips this year, thanks to eBay announcing they’re set to unveil two image search features later this year, but ASOS could be one of the first international brands to get the ball rolling.

According to Internet Retailing, ASOS have now introduced the functionality on their iOS app, with an Android release due any day now.

To use the function, shoppers simply need to go on the ASOS app, click the camera icon in the search bar and either take a photo or upload an image from their camera roll and in seconds, ASOS’s technology will find a similar product in their 80,000-strong catalogue.

Speaking about the new visual search, Andy Berks, ASOS’ digital product director, said:

“Ever since Asos was founded, we have been driven by using innovation to delight our customers and improve their lives in little ways.

“But our technology has always been in their service, and never just for its own sake. Our latest tech, Visual Search, is a case in point: inspiration can strike you anywhere and at any time – whether it’s a photo in a magazine, scrolling through an Instagram feed or even on a local street corner. Now, with just a couple of taps of their mobile device, ASOS customers can capture that fleeting moment and instantly search our 85,000 product lines to find the item that’s inspired them – or similar – at just the right time”

ASOS believe they are at the forefront of shopper experience, and regularly holds internal hackathons, partners with startups and VC firms, and uses data and customer test groups to deliver exactly what the customer wants.

According to their brand story, ASOS says “We are as much a technology company as a fashion company… Our tech teams [are] constantly looking to develop the next big thing in online shopping, whether that be a new app, a cool shopping hack like having your saved items sync across all your devices, or making our search function even slicker, nothing is too big or too small”.

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