Fashion retailers investigate more sustainable delivery options

With the fashion industry being keen to respond to the challenge carbon emissions many retailers are looking at how to reduce their carbon footprint – particularly around delivery and return options. For example, with customer deliveries and returns making up 69% of the total greenhouse gas emissions from Asos’s business operations the online retailer has made finding a way to reduce these ‘an ongoing priority.’ Whether they’re trying to reduce home deliveries and returns or adding zero-emission electric vans to their fleet, retailers are more than aware that making their business greener makes good business sense.

Brexit Watch: Luxury shoe brand Christian Louboutin blames Brexit for sales slowing


Brexit continues to frustrate retailers with its impact on sales. Renowned luxury shoe brand with the distinctive red soles, Louboutin, has reported that Brexit uncertainty is a key factor in a 4.8% decline in revenue for the year to 31st August 2018.

Mastercard acquires Transfast for cross-border mobile payments

Mastercard announced it has acquired Transfast, an international money transfer, and cross-border payments company which provides multi-currency, cross-border payment solutions for consumers and businesses around the world. The acquisition means that Mastercard can take advantage of the trans-border network established by Transfast in over 100 companies, benefiting not just businesses but consumers also.

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