Innovative delivery systems are essential in eCommerce

The eCommerce landscape is constantly shifting and it’s vital that companies embrace innovative solutions if they want to continue to grow substantially. Innovative delivery systems are a major part of this ever-changing platform, with more and more companies offering better and more customizable options.

The trickle-down effect is that customers are no longer satisfied by simply having their goods delivered. They want customizable options that allow them to track their parcels, and feel they’ve control over the situation. Recent research indicates that after a negative delivery experience, 59% of consumers are unlikely to order from a retailer ever again.

This is an age where consumers expect companies to cater to their every need. Their smartphone allows them to buy, order, and organize their lives while commuting to work, or enjoying a morning coffee. Time is of the essence and consumers don’t expect to have the burden of worrying about their order, they are used to being informed at each stage of the process, and knowing that it will arrive safely and on time. Anything that deviates from this norm, can cause stress in their lives and move them to seek another retail solution.

Innovative delivery systems are integral to a customer’s satisfaction. Companies report that implementing better delivery options has resulted in the growth of their business.

eShopWorld Insight:

This customer expectation is relevant to all eCommerce, and particularly cross-border eCommerce, where the customer is one-step removed from the retailer, geographically. It’s essential that a cross-border logistics solution delivers the same quality customer experience as a domestic solution. Global delivery systems must allow consumers to experience your brand, without fretting about the details.

From: The Guardian