How retailers and brands, large and small, are taking advantage of a growing array of channels to reach the world’s online shoppers.

Is your retail business exploring the possibility of cross-border eCommerce? The prospects for growing sales and profits from international eCommerce have never been greater. Right now, 72 of the top 1000 retailers in North America are operating websites outside of the US and Canada, according to Internet Retailer research.

In the free summary report, ‘Key Findings From The E-Retailer Global Expansion Report’, find out how much international eCommerce is growing and which regions retailers are prioritizing – a crucial insight for any brand considering global expansion.

What’s inside:

  • A summary of the current international eCommerce opportunity
  • Q&A with Cynthia Hollen, eShopWorld President, U.S.
  • International eCommerce Sales by the numbers
  • Selling cross-border case study on
  • Building a marketing strategy for global eCommerce

“Retailers that are still on the fence about investing in international eCommerce need to think long and hard about continuing to sit and wait. Before they know it, they will be watching their brand partners sell direct to consumer in fast-growing markets while a new generation of digital/global-first retail brands leap ahead of them”, says Kent Allen of GELF.

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