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It seems like something straight out of a sci-fi movie but eye-tracking technology is here and it’s changing how brands convert shoppers.

Smashbox, an LA-based beauty retailer, has found a way to get their virtual makeover app users to buy the products they try by tracking their eye movements.

According to augmented reality company ModiFace’s press release, Smashbox became their exclusive partner for the popular iOS app MAKEUP, earlier this month. 

MAKEUP features ModiFace’s latest face tracking and video makeup rendering technology, along with a unique ability to track the location on the screen that the user is looking at based on their video, said the company’s press release. Eye gaze location provides insights into the specific locations and user interfaces that users look at, providing brands an opportunity to act based on the user’s gaze actions with the goal of increasing conversions.

Parham Aarabi, Founder and CEO of ModiFace said:

“There are times when users think about a particular shade but would not tap a product or take any action. Eye tracking provides a deeper level of insight into what users are thinking about by measuring what they are looking at”

Brynn Nakamoto from Smashbox Cosmetics, said he was excited to discover the possibilities of this technology:

“We are delighted by our partnership with ModiFace for the MAKEUP application. Not only is it driving usage, try-ons, and customer visits to our site, but ModiFace and Smashbox are doing something very unique here. We are experimenting with technologies that will make shopping for beauty products easier and more convenient for the consumer”

ModiFace analysed 8,819 mobile users in two groups – with one set of users shown a call to action visibly near the top of the page regardless of where they looked, and the second set of users’ call to action button only displayed when they tried on and read the name of the product. The conversion rate increased from 6.2% to 7.9% when the call to action button was displayed after the user had finished reading the name of the product as determined by eye gaze, representing a 27% conversion increase.

“What is most exciting is that this is just the start. We are determined to ensure MAKEUP will always be the most innovative mobile iOS application for beauty augmented reality. And to make this happen, we have a number of experimental technologies and capabilities that we will be testing jointly with our partners at Smashbox cosmetics over the coming year,” said Parham Aarabi.

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