Global cross-border shoppers Customers shopping online

A new study reveals which countries lead the charge when it comes to cross-border online shopping


Globally shoppers are increasingly buying goods online. Almost one-third of customers make a purchase domestic online on a weekly/monthly basis. Two-thirds of customers in China report the same regularity of online purchasing. This behaviour is influencing the likelihood of cross-border purchasing, as shoppers become comfortable with spending online.

58% of Global consumers shop either monthly/annually from a cross-border site. The top five countries for cross-border shopping on a monthly/annual basis include Australia (78%), Singapore (77%), Canada (72%), Mexico (71%) and Hong Kong (70%).

The top countries for direct-to-retail online sales are Canada (35%), South Korea (34%) and Australia (33%).

eShopWorld Insight:

Cross-border shopping is growing with different markets having different expectations. It’s important that brands selling directly to the consumer in all of these regions have the right market research and recommendations. Creating a truly localized global checkout is needed if international retailers are to tap into their global customer base.

Source: Yahoo Finance