Clinique wins ‘Best eCommerce Experience’ at Glossy awards

Beauty brand Clinique, working with Qubit, a marketing personalization technology provider, has taken the top prize for eCommerce at the inaugural Glossy awards in Europe. 

“Clinique is a brand that always has the customers at the heart of everything we do”, said Anouska Moller-Butcher, head of eCommerce at Clinique. “Personalization, therefore, is a key focus for us as we strive to create the best user experience possible for our consumers. Qubit brings together technology with expertise so that our team can continue to meet shifting expectations.”

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Founded in 1968 under the Estee Lauder brand, Clinique traces its roots back to New York when the idea of women being able to change the look of their skin was still quite new. Since then, the company has grown very quickly, providing customers with safe, high-quality beauty and skincare products. According to the Guardian, the company began when Estee lauder’s daughter-in-law Evelyn Lauder read a skincare article in US Vogue. The article discussed women’s skin being changed through various methods and inspired Evelyn to work together to develop the now-famous brand – alongside US Vogue editor Carol Philips, and dermatologist Norman Oretreich MD. 

The award demonstrates Clinique’s ability to bring the renowned experience customers have in-store to the eCommerce front. Clinique’s online platform has the ability to meet customers’ needs at different touchpoints in the online user journey. Some of the experiences the company creates on their website include:

  • A skin quiz where customers identify their primary skin concern
  • A personalized replenishment experience 
  • A new loyalty program with specific personalization created for Smart, Brilliant or Genius customers

“Through personalization, Clinique is building relationships with millions of discerning customers each year,” said Graham Cooke, CEO, Qubit. “The team is curating unique and industry-leading online experiences with this Glossy Award a validation of that. We’re delighted to be enabling Clinique in this way and look forward to continuing this award-winning partnership.”

Market to watch: UAE is the fastest growing eCommerce market in MENA

8.7 Billion In 2020 6

A new report, published by VISA and Dubai Economy, has shown that the United Arab Emirates is the most advanced eCommerce market in the Middle East and North Africa.

The report looked at the growth in eCommerce activity throughout the Middle East and North Africa and found that the UAE is the fastest growing market in the region, with a projected average growth rate of 23% annually till 2022. The UAE eCommerce Landscape report estimates that eCommerce transactions will reach US$16 Billion during this year, and puts this down to innovative initiatives taken by the region. Some examples being the Dubai Smart City initiative, tech eager consumers, and an eco-system actively promoting starts up growth.

His excellency Sami Al Qamzi, Director of Dubai Economy commented “Public-private partnerships to drive awareness and trust on the value, convenience and security of online shopping and expand the digital payment option are critical to sustaining the eCommerce momentum that Dubai and the UAE have gained through promoting cashless payments and providing secure payment platforms for businesses and the public.”

In recent times, the strength of Dubai’s eCommerce economy has been recognised by global business leaders, such as Amazon who have expanded to the UAE, to launch a MENA marketplace. Al Qamzi added, “Dubai has not only established an enabling eCommerce ecosystem for innovators, entrepreneurs and end-users but also continues to launch path-breaking eCommerce initiatives. Dubai Economy encourages retailers to go online and enables e-retailing on social media while also protecting the rights of consumers as well as merchants across both online and in-store retailing to promote trust and transparency.”

The report demonstrated that the country holds a large lead in the value of transactions, pushing past both mature and emerging markets alike. The average size of an eCommerce transaction in a mature market is US$79, and in an emerging market, the average transaction is worth US$26. The UAE in comparison boasts an average transaction value of US$144.

A big part of this growing eCommerce trend is the burgeoning retail and ‘mall’ culture in Dubai. In-store and non-store retail in the UAE was valued at US$55 Billion during 2018, and a rise to nearly $64 Billion is expected by the end of 2019, with non-store sales expected to grow at 78% for the year. The Government in UAE has tried to promote a cashless economy, which is being aided by their close working relationship with VISA. This has certainly aided the eCommerce economy within the region, and factors into the strong statistics coming from this report. It has also contributed to the environment that has encouraged entrepreneurs and innovators.


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