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A New World Order - What Will eCommerce Look Like After COVID-19?

This report looks at how eCommerce has been affected since COVID-19 and how eCommerce retailers can use the learnings to manage the impacts and look to the future.

Market Innovation Review 2020

Market and Innovation Review 2020

Are you keen to understand how the future of retail is being shaped by emerging trends and innovations? What does the shopper of the future look like? What are their key expectations and purchase drivers?

These are just some of the questions eShopWorld’s Product Strategy Team answers in the 2020 Market and Innovation Review.

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European eCommerce Hits €717 Billion

European eCommerce Hits €717 Billion

European eCommerce Set To Reach €717 Billion In 2020 The eCommerce market is now predicted to hit a €717 Billion valuation by the end of this year. However, this means that the percentage at which the market value is growing will have declined again this year, as it has every year since 2017 – not surprising as market penetration reaches more saturated levels. However, the 12.7% growth rate expected for this year is still strong growth in what is a very important market for global brands....

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