A New World Order – What Will eCommerce Look Like After COVID-19?

Covid-19 has had significant global implications, with brands and retailers seeing huge changes in customer behavior even over the course of a few weeks. The good news is that eCommerce has been booming, particularly for brands that are geographically diversified, with some seeing growth of up to 150% y-o-y in international order volumes during this time.

This report looks at how eCommerce has been affected since COVID-19 and how eCommerce retailers can use the learnings to manage the impacts and look to the future.

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What’s inside?

In this deep dive, we explore how eCommerce retail has been affected since the pandemic, what innovations or solutions have been deployed to mitigate the impacts, and what the sector will look like once we emerge into the ‘New World Order’, including:

  • eCommerce Growth During COVID-19
  • The Global Effect of COVID-19 on Business
  • How Consumer Behavior is Changing during the Crisis
  • Brands’ Response to the Crisis
  • What’s Next for eCommerce after COVID-19?

What does the future hold for eCommerce retailers?

Following the immediate impacts of COVID-19 globally, eCommerce retailers will soon be faced with how to operate in a potentially significantly changed world. Having seen supply chains immediately affected by shutdowns and operations halted by factors outside of their control, moving forward retailers will need to develop strategies and processes to mitigate as far as possible against future similar situations.

From diversifying supply chains to implementing omnichannel measures, there are many ways for retailers to survive and thrive post-pandemic.

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