Luxury’s 2021 E-Commerce Transformation

The trend of luxury spending moving to online channels shows no signs of slowing down. In 2021, luxury brands will be looking to quickly reconnect with customers across geographies, by bringing their VIP customer service to the online world. The challenge will be expanding to new markets while maintaining the high-quality customer service that is fundamental to the luxury market. To take advantage of this momentum of change, brands need a solution that will enable rapid entrance to new markets, offering a domestic-equivalent experience that is personalized and friction-free

Luxury Ecommerce Preview1
Luxury Ecommerce Preview2

After reading this eBook you’ll be able to answer the follow questions:

  • Where is the biggest growth opportunity for your brand?
  • What are the major industry and shopper behavior trends for 2021?
  • Which markets are buying luxury cross-border most frequently?
  • Who is the fastest growing audience for luxury houses globally?
  •  How can you unlock cross-border demand for your brand?