To Russia With Love- The Cross-Border Ecommerce Market Guide

Russia is an important, fast-growing market for cross-border ecommerce. Expected to be worth $27.1 billion by 2023, the country has a young population, steadily increasing internet penetration and one of the highest rates of online shopping globally. However, there are obstacles to cross-border ecommerce – such as language, logistics and localization – that must be identified and overcome in order to ensure success. This guide to the Russian ecommerce market is full of insights and practical ways to overcome any obstacles the market presents to ensure a successful entry for any cross-border e-commerce brand.

Russia Statistics
Russia Ecommerce Statistics

What’s inside?

Inside this report, you will find:

  • Essential information ecommerce brands need to know about entering the Russian market
  • Key insights into what Russian shoppers want and how to reach them
  • Industry insights to help ecommerce brands master supply chain, logistics and payments
  • What ecommerce brands need to know about the Russian language, culture and customs